Wise Business Choices, Inc.

Choose an appointment type.

Monthly Coaching Call

Receive important tips and have all questions answered during your monthly coaching call.

Duration: 1 hour

New Business Startup - Initial Coaching Call

We will go over your goals and objectives. Look at some strategic plans to meet those goals and get you launched for good success.

Duration: 1 hour

Entrepreneurship - Initial Coaching Call

Let us get ready to fully embark on what entrepreneurship can do for you and your family. Building deep and strong for longevity.

Duration: 1 hour

Success Coaching - Initial Coaching Call

What does success mean to you? Setting a plan in motion to maximize your best opportunity for great success.

Duration: 1 hour

Church Plant - Initial Coaching Call

The new church plant can have its challenges and concerns. We will discuss in your initial coaching call your plans, aspirations, and what it is you are visualizing for the ministry. We will then prepare a strategy for ministry success.

Duration: 1 hour

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